love parsnips

And you should too! Parsnips provide us with a softly sweet nutty flavour that is delicious when cooked or even raw!

how to prepare

Prepare as you would a carrot. It’s your choice to peel them or just give them a scrub.Trim ends and leave whole, dice, slice or grate. Parsnips can be enjoyed raw too! Using a vegetable peeler, create thin ribbons and add them to a salad, topped with walnuts and a hint of maple!


Get inspired!

We love Home Economist, Mairlyn Smith. She always shares great info about fresh veggies. Check out her segment from BT Toronto where she shares ways to love parsnips!

Frequently Asked Questions

Parsnips will go mushy if cooked too long so we advise cooking them until just tender, unless you want to purée them. They are a delicious addition to mashed potatoes!

Like potatoes, parsnips will brown after they have been cut, peeled or exposed to air for too long. If you are preparing parsnips ahead of time, place them in water after peeling or sprinkle them with water and a few drops of lemon juice to keep them from discolouring.

Yes you can! We recommend using a vegetable peeler to create long, thin strips, which can be added to salads.