Every restaurant today features a beet salad, and there are so many reasons why this traditional root veg has become a modern must-have. It’s delicious, versatile, and SO good for you!


A 2lb bag of Gwillimdale farms beets. The top and bottom of the bag are solid light green, with a repeating pattern of various root vegetables, and farm imagery (barns, tractors, etc.). The middle 75% of the bag is transparent, showing the beets inside, with a large white Gwillimdale Farms logo across part of the otherwise clear portion.

Know Your "Roots"

Beets are known for their deep red colour which will stain your hands and clothes if you aren’t careful but what else is amazing about these bright beauties? They provide us with essential everyday nutrients like B vitamins, iron, manganese, copper, magnesium, and potassium.

Boost Endurance

Research suggests that nitrates in beets boost endurance. Athletes who drank fresh beet juice (from 3-5 beets) performed 15% better than others in a study. “Peak nitrate levels occur two to three hours after you eat or drink beets,” so plan accordingly.

An outstretched arm holds a freshly picked beet up from it's stem. In the background is a field of beet plants.

Heart Health

Beets are rich in nitrates, betaine, and the B-vitamin folate which research suggests is good for your blood pressure and overall artery health.


A raw beet salad, with arugula, and berries, served on a square dish.

It wasn’t so long ago that everyone thought you had to boil or pickle beets. Today we know better! Beets are versatile and delicious raw in salads, added to fresh juices and smoothie bowls.

A raw beet salad, with arugula, and berries, served on a square dish.
Beet Hummus plated with crostini.

...or Cooked?

Beet Hummus plated with crostini.

Yes, boiling beets is fine, but roasting them is divine! Add roasted beets to numerous dishes or eat them on their own. We love beet chips, roasted beet hummus, and of course, borscht!

Latest Beet Recipes