A man leaning on a wooden fence, smiling. He is wearing a grey button up shirt with a collar, and a Gwillimdale Farms logo on the left side of the chest.
Image of a man in a black and grey Gwillimdale Farms polo shirt, standing beside a large piece of farming equipment. Freshly harvested carrots can be seen hanging behind him.
Image of a woman in a black Gwillimdale Farms vest. She is looking at the camera and smiling. The background is out of focus, but stacks of bags of produce and metal shelving are visible.
Image of a man wearing a grey Gwillimdale Farms T-shirt. He is smiling for the camera, his elbow resting on a wooden crate. Above the crate is a inclined conveyor, carrying freshly harvested onions.


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Grow With Gwillimdale Scholarship


The Grow With Gwillimdale Scholarship is open to all graduating Grade 12 students who have been accepted into a Post-Secondary University or College program. Preference will be given to students interested in pursuing a career within the Agriculture Industry. Applicants must be a resident of Ontario to qualify. Three selected candidates will be awarded a scholarship of $2,500 (CAD).