Introducing the next best potatoes on the line

Gwilly's 2nd Best


Our grade 2 potatoes taste just as delicious as Gwilly’s Best potatoes, and they come in fun misshapen forms, with a few minor beauty marks!

The technologies and equipment we’ve invested in allow us to divert edible food with slight blemishes and bring Gwilly’s Second Best to your table! A healthy, cost-effective, better-for-the-environment product. It’s a win-win-win!

Taste our new silver medal line-up and help make an environmental impact by eliminating food waste!

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The #2 Potato

Potatoes grow in all shapes and sizes naturally!

At Gwillimdale Farms, we continuously invest in innovations to ensure that every fresh, tasty, and nutritious potato isn’t wasted. Grade 2 potatoes may be bumpy or blemished, but you can trust that they’ll taste great when you see them packed with our name!

Our goal with Gwilly’s Second Best is to help reduce food waste and make imperfect produce equally acceptable in the eyes of the consumers.

At Gwillimdale Farms we value Sustainability, increasing efficiencies, and making a positive impact!

Who We Are
Rooted in multi generational farming, offering premium and innovative produce through sustainable practices making a positive contribution to the planet.
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Gwillimdale Farms is family-owned and operated by the Hambly’s. Our owners John and Cristina, and their children are 4th and 5th generation on the farm. The farm has existed since the 1900’s. It began as a dairy farm operating under the watch of Jack Hambly before John Hambly planted the first root vegetables in 1995. Today we are Ontario’s largest grower, packer, and shipper of fresh root vegetables. We grow carrots, onions, potatoes, beets, and parsnips on over 3,000 acres, primarily based in Bradford Ontario, just north of Toronto.

Our Process

In The Field

3 potato 2 process
4 potato 2 process

On The Line

1 potato 2 process
2 potato 2 process

Being Packaged

IMG 1345
IMG 1335





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