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Rooted in multi generational farming, offering premium and innovative produce through sustainable practices making a positive contribution to the planet.
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Play Video about A woman standing in a seemingly endless narrow hallway, formed between two rows of stacked unfinished wood crates (pallet boxes, for storing crops). Her face is out of focus, but she has her hands outstretched toward the camera, which are in focus, cradling two fresh red onions.
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Gwillimdale Farms exceeds customer expectations on product quality, timely responses, and business ethics. We uphold top quality through high food safety standards and growing practices, while always responding with extreme resiliency when breakdowns occur. At Gwillimdale Farms we aim to create an environment that brings out the best in everyone. This means demonstrating effective leadership through extreme ownership. We highly value customer relationships and show this by going above and beyond and adapting to new requests.

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Gwillimdale Farms is consistently researching, attending global events, and breaking down barriers to evolve and find the latest and greatest processes and technologies. These upgrades support our company expansion and help us to sustain top quality. At Gwillimdale Farms we encourage new ideas to foster solution-based problem-solving and are committed to investing in employee growth and development.

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Our community is based on a culture that positively contributes to a supportive environment, ensuring inclusion through respectful communication, and hiring practices. We take initiative and actively participate in events with our Gwillimdale team. We’re continuously involved in initiatives that give back to our local community and industry.

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Gwillimdale Farms is rooted in high-quality products, improving infrastructure, the environment, and employee wellness. We do this by ensuring company procedures and regulations are being followed regarding water preservation, soil health, storage solutions, and reducing overall waste. At Gwillimdale Farms we follow all policies around health and safety to ensure an overall safe and enjoyable environment, that supports the longevity of the employee lifecycle. Wherever possible we’re increasing efficiencies and continuously researching to ensure the best practices.

We're committed to farm fresh thinking

That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure your family enjoys only the freshest, best quality veggies.

How? Well, our team grows and harvests sustainably and then we clean, pack and ship it out ourselves, direct to your favourite store. Investing in the full supply chain enables Gwillimdale Farms to ensure consistent, premium quality carrots, potatoes, onions, beets and parsnips.

A 2lb bag of Gwillimdale Farms carrots, sitting on a rustic wooden table.
A photo, cropped into a circle with a thin green outline. The photo depicts a sun lit field of carrots, ready for harvest, from an aerial view. A combine (equipment used for harvesting) drives through the field, harvesting rows of carrots, and leaving turned over soil in it's wake. At the bottom right is a smaller bubble, with a photo of a carrot still in the ground, but with the root partially visible.


Growing sustainably,
since 1903

Another circular photo, this one of a mesh bag full of onions. The smaller bubble contains a photo of a 2 pound bag of fresh carrots.


Providing top quality root vegetables
365 days a year

Another pair of round photos, in the same arrangement as the previous two. The larger depicts 50 pound bags of freshly harvested carrots, stacked on top of eachother in alternating directions, in preparation for shipping. The smaller photo depicts the cab of a large transport truck.


We operate our own transport trucks
to ensure reliable delivery

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