Gwillimdale Farms Ltd. is committed to the land.  Recently, natural compost has been introduced into the fields, providing a more natural source of nutrients for the soil, and improving crop yields. We pride ourselves on producing superb and top quality crops, and truly care about how our food is grown.

We do our best to ensure that each of our processes are completed with minimal impact on the environment. Excess graded vegetables that are not used for processing are composted with manure providing a chemical free fertilizer. The use of beneficial insects like ladybugs help to keep pest populations to a minimum, while beneficial micro-organisms contribute to maintaining healthy soil. Crop rotation is critical at Gwillimdale Farms, and we implement this practice regularly to prevent pest issues and soil nutrient depletion. Crops that are grown in a field one year are transferred to a different area the following year. This is completed on a continuous rotating cycle, so that no one area has the same crops grown there within 4-5 years.

All of our building lights are on motion sensors/timers, and we have installed “fresh air systems” to reduce electricity consumption in refrigerated storage areas.