A large piece of farming equipment with three wheels (1 front, 2 rear) parked in a field on a clear day. It is painted red, and features decals of the Gwillimdale Farms logo next to the Canadian flag, as well as the text "Custom Manufactured; Vogel Engineering; Holton, Mich.; 231-821-2125" next to the American flag.

Investments for Growth

To be the best, means that we need to invest in new equipment and technology regularly. And we've been busy over the last year!

Our new Vogel is a custom built carrot harvester. It was specially designed and manufactured in Michigan just for us and it allows us to harvest more when needed, and more efficiently. We also love that it removes more soil from the carrots than older models. This prepares our carrots for storage better than others, and creates fewer organics in our wash water.

A truck cab pulling a white trailer. The "Gwillimdale Farms" logo is printed on the side.

We also recently purchased a brand new truck and a 53’ refrigerated trailer to help us grow our fleet for deliveries to retailers and foodservice customers. Many of our competitors rely on external freight companies to deliver their produce. We believe that owning our own trucks gives us greater control. This helps us to be a more reliable partner to our customers and helps to ensure our veggies arrive in the best condition.

Within the last few months, we’ve also added a new packing line! This is our third line, which allows us to process potatoes and carrots full time. Our packing capacity has grown 300% in the last three years!!!

And finally, all of this growth in our operations meant that our expanding team in the office was also bursting at the seams. We’re recently moved our administrative offices into new space that is much better suited to our current needs.

As you can see, our team is always looking for ways to improve our operations and processes to ensure that we can supply consistently great tasting vegetables to you.

Come back soon for more news!

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