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Veggies noodles are a great option for those who are looking for a change from traditional pasta or simply a new way to enjoy veggies!

They are colourful, healthy and are easy to prepare with a store-bought spiralizer. These range in price, with inexpensive handheld models starting from under $20.

If you aren’t sure about buying ANOTHER gadget for your kitchen, it’s a good idea to read a few online reviews to see which model could be right for you. Here’s one article we found from Business Insider that you might like to check out: The Best Spiralizers you can buy to make Veggie Noodles.

And when you get started, note that soft veggies like zucchini can be made with the most inexpensive models, while you will have more success with larger units to spiralize harder veggies like carrots. For preparation tips, please check out our Noodles Recipe.

serrated vegetable peeler
Image Credit: Deiss-Dual-Julienne-Peeler-Vegetable

And if you want the taste of zoodles but really don’t have room for a spiralizer at all, a compromise that we like is serrated or “julienne” peeler that will just fit into your drawer.

Have Fun!