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Bradford’s Gwillimdale Farms a Family Affair Gone Global

Our crops are ready to harvest but that’s not all that we’ve been growing this year! We’re always investing in new technology! Our new $2-million, 4,200-square-metre refrigerated building is currently under construction in Bradford and when complete will hold up to eight million two-pound bags of carrots.

Early construction of our new facility. Wood frames can be seen sitting atop the concrete foundation.

Construction of one of our new sustainable storage facilities: the view from inside a long wood-framed structure. The wall at the end has the pointed shape of a gabled roof, yet to be installed. Above the newly constructed walls, a clear deep blue sky is visible. There is a truck with a tall crane parked inside the structure, with its crane raised high up above the height of the walls around it.

Learn more about our farm and business from a recent article in Bradford Today. They published an interesting feature on our business and new building that you can enjoy HERE.

Screenshot of the above linked article. Headline reads "New in Town: Bradford's Gwillimdale Farms a family affair gone global" followed by the text "New in Town is a behind-the-scenes look at businesses and clubs in Bradford West Gwillimbury from the perspective of a person new to town. Want to be featured? Email jenni@bradfordtoday." At the bottom is a photo of John Sr., one of the owners of Gwillimdale Farms, kneeling in one of Gwillimdale's fields.

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