Gwillimdale Farms is a family owned and operated farm situated on the outskirts of Bradford, Ontario. We manage a large mixed farming operation, specializing in root vegetables, specifically carrots, onions, potatoes, beets, and parsnips. Our vegetables are grown ethically, sustainability, and responsibly for superior quality crops.

Family operated for 4 generations, Gwillimdale Farms was established in 1987, primarily as a dairy farm but quickly expanded, moving towards grains and root crops. In 1995 we realigned our farming interests, and entered into the fresh vegetable market. We began growing carrots, and purchased our first production line in 2008. Today we now have 3 full production lines with over 900 acres of root vegetables. We are committed to green, sustainable practices in everything we do. Gwillimdale Farms has introduced natural compost into our fields to provide a natural source of nutrients for the soil. In doing so, we have seen a dramatic improvement in our crop yields. Excess graded vegetables that are not used for processing are composted with manure providing a chemical free fertilizer.

As of 2015, at Gwillimdale Farms our operation has grown substantially. We provide processing and packing for various markets; vegetables are supplied to Grocers and Wholesalers through contracts and open sales.

Gwillimdale Farms has earned the trust and loyalty of its clients through quality produce and competitive pricing.

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